Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Break 2014

With BlogTober now over, i'm going to be playing catch up on posting posts that I have been wanting to blog about for awhile, but haven't because of Blogtober.

So to start that off I'm going to talk about Fall Break which was October 18th to 21st.  The weekend plus Monday & Tuesday.  And I packed A LOT into that time frame!

Saturday of break I went to my favorite place, Target, and also indulged in some Jimmy Johns for lunch! 
 Later that afternoon I met up with Kayleen!  We went to Charming Charlies, because I needed a new watch and also went to Target again and stopped for some frozen yogurt at Peacewave!

It was my first time at Peacewave and i enjoyed it!

Later that evening I babysat my favorite twins <3
Sunday was spent relaxing and helping out around my grandma's house with the cousins.

Monday morning I had a dentist appointment, no cavities!  Then went to lunch and ran some errands with my mom.  I even got a smoothie :)

When we got back my friend from college, Jenn, had came to spend the afternoon with me!
I showed her around my town and then we walked around a place called the Old Market.  After that we went to the outlets in my town.
After that we went to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise 
Are you taking a picture of me taking a picture of my food?! lol ;)

And then hit a few more stores before Jenn headed back home!
Tuesday was spent doing homework.  After my mom got home from work I ate dinner, stopped by my dads and then headed back to school! 

And got some time with this pup!

It was a great fall break that went by way too fast!

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