Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review

The past two years I have done Year In Review's where I review the year and all that happened, and those are fun posts to put together to see what all I did every month that year, and also to look back on!  So of course I had to do one for 2014 also!

To see the last two years, click on the year to go to those posts!
2012     2013

2014 has been quite the year.  2013 was full of exciting things happening with graduating from high school and starting college and new friendships.  While 2014 has had some tough times, but also some exciting and memorable moments.  And in 2015 I will still be dealing with some tough times, I'm hoping to make memories with those who I love and just have a great year.  But that's another post so let's see what all happened in 2014!!! :D

January was the rest of Winter break, repainting my room, babysitting, working at the daycare, going back for Interterm, spending time with family, and spring semester beginning.

February was celebrating my best friends birthday, Valentine's Day, enjoying beautiful weather, and being busy with school work.


April was Sam's 7th birthday, My first Relay For Life, Easter, time with friends and family and starting to wrap up the semester.

May was finishing my first year in college, Stop Day, spending tons of time with friends, An outdoor showing of Frozen, bonding with my soon to be roommate, saying goodbye to friends, coming home for the summer, starting back at the daycare, my step brothers graduating high school, and catching up with friends.

June was enjoying a beautiful summer with sunsets, lot's of friend time and outings, along with family time, working and just enjoying summer.

July was more friend time, two zoo outings, catching up with friends, enjoying beautiful weather and taking too many pictures, celebrating mom's birthday, and getting ready for my Florida trip.

August was an amazing and so much fun Florida trip with my best friend, enjoying the beach, finishing the summer working, celebrating my birthday, enjoying the last of summer, starting fall semester, catching up with friends, and bonding with my new roommate.

September was getting back into the groove of classes, starting practicum in the classroom, spending tons of time with friends that included making memories and having more good times then can be listed.

October was football games, buying first lottery ticket, fall break, and making tons more memories with friends and families.

November was first snow fall, fun times with friends, Casino night, Thanksgiving, some hard news, and being busy with the semester.

December was celebrating my roommate's birthday, too many fun times with my roommate, Christmas concert, Christmases', friend time, memories being made, Girl's day, Winter break starting, a couple firsts, working at the daycare over break, celebrating Christmas with family and friends, and just looking back at the year and the hard times and just how far i've come in the year.

I'm somewhat sad to see 2014 over, but excited to put this year behind me all the good and bad, and start a new year!  A post about my hopes and goals for 2015 to come tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a fun & safe New Years!!
I will be lucky to make it to midnight after working at 7am today, i'm such a party animal!! ;-)
Let me know if you have any big plans for the New Years!

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