Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

If you haven't read my Christmas Eve recap go read that first! :)

Christmas morning I was wooken up right before 8am by a way to hyper and excited 7 year old brother who wanted us up to open Santa gifts!

We opened up our stockings, our gifts from Santa and then our present from mom. 
 Though we didn't get tons of presents this year because of family situation ATM I did get the things I really wanted and giving is more fun then receiving :)

Santa gave body some bones, he was pretty happy!
After presents we had breakfast and hung out for awhile.  Then around 9:45am me and my brother headed to my dad's.

We opened our gifts from dad and then hanged out for awhile before we headed to my Grandma's for my dad's side's Christmas.

Once we got to Grandma's we hung out for a bit before lunch and then opening presents and did Pictures. 
Then we relaxed and hung out for another hour until we had to go to dad's girlfriends side's Christmas!
We were at my dad's girlfriends parents from 4pm to 9pm.  We hung out, ate dinner, opened presents, did photobooth, played games, and hunt out.  It was a good time!
It was a great Christmas with some great gifts and most important family members that I love.
It was a Christmas with reminders that time with family makes Christmas better and that family comes in all shapes and sizes, and that family is not just blood.  It's also those people who welcome you into their family with open arms and treats you like blood family.  And for this I'm thankful for <3

Hope you also had a very Merry Christmas!!

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stacey Schneller said...

Your right family does not have to be blood. I have friends that are my sister's since I knew them forever it seems like. And they are my kids aunt even if they are not blood. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Happy New year.

Jamie said...

Thank you, I did! :). Happy New Year!!

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