Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Haul 2014

Last year I shared what I got for Christmas and wanted to again this year.  It's just fun to share what I got and to be able to look back on!  Nothing more :)

From my grandma I got a car sticker for my college and a sweater/tank.
From my aunt I got fuzzy socks and a scarf.
From Santa/Mom I got a speaker, Origami Owl charms, more fuzzy socks, target giftcard, chocolate, shoes and a quote sign. 
From my dad's girlfriend I got 2 small quote signs, a big quote sign, 2 mirror quote signs, and a build a tie fleece blanket kit.
From my grandma I got 2 scarfs, a scarf holder, a pair of shoes, and a pair of boots and some jewelry.
From my dad I got a big picture/quote frame and a little angel statue.
From the daycare and parents I got some random things along with this wallet/lanyard and candy/giftcard.  Also got some chocolate and hand germ-x

I got some great gifts and thankful for them! :)
What was your favorite Christmas present this year?!

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