Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dear My Unknown Future Husband

Dear future husband of mine,

I may only be 19, but I think of you daily.  I wonder what you are doing, are you with your friends or by yourself and bored like I currently am.  Are you single like me or are you in a relationship?  Have I met you yet?  How will we meet?  Will you make the first move or will I?  Was it love at first sight like the movies?  Maybe we have driven by each other or see each other at the store.  Maybe we've never met or been in each others presence.  Or maybe I see you each and everyday and neither of us knows that we will mean a lot to each other someday.  Only God knows all these questions.

Whenever you are reading this, know that I have waited for you for so long and imagine what it would be like to be with someone as amazing as you are.  To have someone to go to the movies with, to go out to dinner with, or just someone to stay in and cuddle with on a snowy evening.  

If you are reading this then that means we are both so lucky to have each other.  I have prayed for years that the right guy will come along at the right time and I am so glad you are the right guy.  I have so much hope for us.  That we will love each other more then we ever thought was possible.  That we will commit ourselves to each other for life and never break that.  That I will forever get to call you my husband and for you to call me your wife.  For us to have some amazing children together and to raise them right.  That even when those sleepless nights come or days when we are on each others nerves every other minute that we will remember how much we love each other and that with a love like ours that we can get through anything.  That we will be old and have gray hair and still be madly in love like we were when we first started dating.  That we will be there for our kids and grandkids weddings and that they will have a love just like ours.  That we will be an example to them of love.  And that we will be there until death do us part.

As a nineteen year old, it is so hard to wait for you, the love of my life.  I wonder when and how we will meet.  How long will I wait for you?  And when will you be reading this?  When I know you are the one for me?  When we get engaged?  The day before we get married?  Or just some random night?
And though waiting is so hard and it's hard to always believe that you are out there.  And that it is possible for you to fall in love with me.  But I know God has a plan greater then anything that I could ever imagine and that the day that you are reading this I will be reminded just how far I have come and that this wait was so darn worth it!

So thank you for being the love of my life.
And making this wait worth it.
The idea of you and this future day gives me hope and the strength to get through these days of wishing I had you as mine already!

So remind me how much you love me and that we were worth the wait and don't ever forget how much love I know I have for you.

Your Future Wife

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