Friday, December 5, 2014

Last Day In My Practicum Class

Today, December 5th, was my last day in my 1st grade classroom with some amazing kids and cooperating teacher! Today was filled with emotions of sadness and happiness. As the kids all gave me hugs, said thank you to me, and that they will miss me made me feel sad to leave this great classroom! I’ve learned soooo much this semester, more than I think i would have ever thought I would!

Going into the classroom I had no clue what to expect and didn’t want to step on the teachers toes. I learned that I am a teacher even though I don’t feel like a official teacher yet. Those kiddos look up to me and I spent a lot of effort trying to help them. I am a teacher in those kids eyes and I learned to take control and charge of the classroom as the semester went on, and though at first I was hesitant about this, it got easier of the semester. It is something that I need to continue to work on, but as my cooperating teacher gave me more tasks to be in charge of like handing out spelling packets and partner reading materials, and playing a larger role in the classroom, it became easier to take charge more and more. I learned just how much teachers have to do and how little time they have during the day. There are so many things you don’t think that teachers have to do, but do.

I took so much pride in my students and it was just a very rewarding semester! I felt more and more like a teacher every day and felt more confident as a teacher. I really became attached to my class of kids and will miss them so much!! I came a long ways during that first semester in the classroom, and although I know I have a ways to go, I am proud of what I’m becoming and how even more love for teaching now! I am excited for what’s to come in my journey of becoming a teacher and so thankful for such a great classroom and cooperating teacher to start out this journey! 

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