Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone (who celebrates it of course)!!

I wanted to stop in real quick to give a little update of my week and wish everyone a Merry Christmas before my busy evening and Christmas! :)

Last Thursday I got off work early and that afternoon me and Kayleen met up to exchange presents, and then I helped her get food and make dinner and then ate and watched a Christmas movie, Polar Express, with her, her boyfriend and brother.  It was a fun day :)
Buddy getting Hawaiian by the 7 year old brother!
A lot of my weekend was spent painting/touching up paint at moms.  We will be selling the house/moving in 2015.  I'll talk about that more at a later time.
I worked Monday and Tuesday and have the rest of the week off!  Tuesday was ugly sweater day so I got this sweater at Goodwill and add some bows...added more then what is shown and they all fell off as the day went on :P

So there is a little update on me!  In a little bit me and my family will be heading to church and Christmas with my moms side!  It shall be a fun time...hopefully I feel ok!  Yesterday I started feeling sick.  Something with sinus' so I've been taking meds and trying to take it easy this morning/afternoon in preparation of my busy evening and then a busy Christmas day tomorrow!

Merry Christmas to everyone & Happy Holidays!! :)

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