Monday, December 1, 2014

M/W/F 1st Semester Sophomore Year DITL

I finally got around to making my Monday/Wednesday/Friday day in the life!  I like writing these out for each semester, one for M/W/F's and another for my T/Th days because it's nice to see what my schedule was like to look back on!

So here is my general M/W/F days!  Granted some days are different with sometimes working more and not having practicum, ect.

7:58AM --> Alarm goes off, and like it or not it's time to get up.  I have the routine of all the social media and things I check on my phone before I finally get out of bed
8:05AM --> Finally out of bed.  Go to restroom and put contacts in.  
8:10AM --> Get dressed, put jewelry on, do hair, ect.
8:20AM --> Eat Breakfast

8:30/8:35AM --> Put Foundation on, brush teeth & use restroom again
8:40AM --> Get Ready to go!
8:45AM --> Head across campus to class
8:52AMIsh --> Get to class

9AM --> American Politics Class begins
9:50/9:52AM --> Class is over, I rush to another building for next class
9:55ish --> Get to my next class

10AM --> Intro To Fiction class begins
10:50AM --> Class is over.  Rushing again to get to car and drive to the Elementary school for practicum

11/11:05AM to 12:45 --> Time for practicum/teacher assisting.  Typically when I get there I do what the teacher needs done, help kids with spelling and worksheets, do more tasks for the teacher during her lunch break, and then help with math before I leave.
12:53PM --> I get back to campus and head to my 1pm class

1PM --> Intro to Exceptional child class begins.
1:50PM --> Class is over, time to finally get some lunch

1:50-2:00/2:05 -->  Get food and then head back to the dorm
2:05-2:30 --> Change clothes, eat lunch and watch some Youtube videos.

2:30-3:45PM --> If I am not working early then I watch Youtube videos, work on homework and/or clean my room.
3:45PM --> Leave for work
3:50/3:55PM --> Arrive at work.  Work in the baby room and love every second <3.  Love the babies and my job!

5:15/5:30PM --> Get off work
5:30PM --> Back on campus and head to dinner

6/6:30PM --> Back on campus and if I don't have anything to do then I start on homework.  This particular night I had a group meeting at 8.  
7-10 --> Spent doing homework, just hanging out with friends and whatever needs to be done.  Some nights I have more free time then others.
9-10:30 --> I shower at some point of time and try to be productive til atleast 10:30/11 since I don't have class the next day til 11am.
11-Midnight --> I finally call it a night and hit the hay!  And look forward to being able to sleep in til 9:30Am the next morning! :D

Hope you enjoyed this Day In The Life!

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