Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pictures And More Pictures

Last Thursday I came home for winter break til middle of January!  While home I will be working at my old daycare so that will be fun!  I've been back at the daycare for 2 days already and right back into the swing of things which is nice!! :)  SO here are some random pictures that I haven't shared yet that I thought I would share!  Tomorrow I will be sharing about my roommates birthday weekend!! :) 

Back from 2 Mondays ago when it was Becky's Birthday!!

This was at like midnight one night where I was so tired that I got a bunch of energy and had too much on my mind to sleep and since my roommate was working on a project we both ended up laying on the floor, talking and rambling.

I love my roomie!

Random selfie just because :)

I was happy to be home to my crazy buddy!!

And a random kitchen xmas lights selfie!
I'm really enjoying the christmas decorations at dad's as because of current situations at moms we aern't putting anything up.

Come back tomorrow for more :)

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