Thursday, December 4, 2014

T/TH 1st Semester 2014 DITL

9:30AM --> Typically I am up by this time if not because my roommate is leaving for class, then because my alarm is going off.
9:40AM --> I finally get out of bed & go use the restroom
9:45-10AM --> I get dressed, put contacts in, put jewelry on, do hair, put foundation on, and all that stuff

10AM --> I eat breakfast and watch Youtube videos

10:20-10:40AM --> I either keep watching Youtube videos or be productive and get things done.  This morning I was productive and made bed, picked up room and wrapped xmas presents.

10:40 --> I get ready for class
10:45AM --> I'm out the door and headed to class

11AM --> Business class begins
12-12:15PM --> Class is over, head to lunch

12:20PM --> I meet Jenn at lunch and we go eat
12:35ISH --> We are done, go check mail and head to classes

12:50PM --> Arrive at class
1PM --> Outdoor Leisurely Pursuits begins
1:50PM --> Class is over, I head back to dorm
1:55-2:15PM --> I get ready for class and relax for a couple minutes
2:15PM --> Head to class
2:30PM --> Practicum begins
3:45PM --> Class is over, I rush to get to work
3:55PM --> I arrive at work and work til 5:15/5:25PM on Tuesday and Thursdays I work desk til 5 or just work until we are down to 4 babies!
5:30PM --> Back to room and work on homework or relax until 6
6/6:10PM --> Get to caf and wait for Jenn
6:30/7PM --> Get back to room and work on homework or do whatever needs done
8PM --> On this particular day we had a hall meeting
8:50PM --> On Tuesday me and Jenn head to CRU (a religous college group that meets and has a little service or do activities)
9-10/10:15 --> CRU
10:30PM --> Back and go shower and then go to bed as I have to be up at 8am!

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