Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 In Review

Even though I failed on this bloggy thing the past year I still wanted to do a year in review.  How could I not to look back on the best year of my life yet!! :)  All thanks to a special guy who you will notice is the trend of this year! hehe :)

I wrapped up winter break by spending time with Kayleen and Hannah.  I started talking to an amazing guy who I ended up starting to date later in the month!  We went on our first date, met each others parents, and started to get to know each other.  Lot's of first this month!  My car died and I started my many months of being carless and then driving my dads old van.  My spring semester of college started back and I spent time with friends!

February 2015
My weekends weren't spent with my guy and week days were spent working, in class, doing homework, or with friends.  I celebrated my first Valentine's Day dating someone and spent most of my time talking to or with Andrew! :)

March 2015
Spent my first full weekend at Andrew's parents house, met all his church family, and enjoyed all my time with him!  I still had classes and work and time with friends.  I also had Spring break where I was able to get some friend time in!  Also I helped my mom move that month.  Super busy month!!

April 2015
Another busy month!  Andrew and I celebrated our first Easter together!  I attended Relay for Life with all my friends and Andrew!  Of course classes and work and spending my weekends either going to see the boy or him coming to me!

May 2015
Spring semester finished up and I said goodbye to everyone.  I went back to work at the daycare and saw my favorite twins graduate from preschool!  Andrew and I attended a sprint cup NASCAR race.  Enjoyed extra time with the boy and being home for the summer! 

June 2015
A busy month!  Enjoyed working and having the summer off!  Spent extra time with Andrew and we did a lot of things that month!  We went to a baseball game, the college world series and other fun things!  FINALLY got a new car and got to see Jenn!

July 2015
Had a roadtrip to Kansas city with the boy where we went to Steak N Shake and attended a Twins vs Royals baseball game!  We also celebrated Fourth of July together and had my family vacation!

August 2015
Summer wrapped up which meant seeing friends before I went back, last day back at the daycare and getting ready for fall semester!  Me and Andrew attended the Iowa State Fair and went to a Justin Moore and Easton Corbin concert there! I also celebrated my 20th birthday!

September 2015
I started working at a new daycare in town I am living with my aunt and commuting to school.  My weeks were crazy busy with school, work and homework and my weekends were spent with the boy! 

October 2015
Another busy month of classes and work.  My weekends were spent of course going back and forth to see the guy and watching our Iowa and Nebraska games together!  Also carved pumpkins and celebrated Halloween together!

November 2015
An exciting month for me!  More classes and busyness and seeing the boy.  On November 14th, 2015 we got engaged!!  Also attended the Iowa vs Nebraska football game with the boy!

December 2015
I wrapped up my fall semester of my junior year!  Got ready for Christmas and enjoyed just working once break started.  Celebrated Christmas with my family and Andrew!

Happy New Year!!  2015 treated me great and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!! :)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Exciting News

On November 14th 2015 the love of my life Andrew asked me to marry him!!  I was completely shocked and it was definitely one of the best moments of my life!  I couldn't be happier :)

We were at his parents house in Iowa watching the Iowa football game and I had fallen asleep and took a good hour or so nap.  When i woke up I had gotten a bunch of snapchats (an app-pretty much like texting but only in pictures) from Andrew and had thought they were just of me sleeping or something.  I opened the first 7 snaps which were an all black background with one word saying Jamie (my middle name) (my last name) will you be my and then the last one was a picture of the ring and the word Wife?! I was completely surprised and happy!  I quickly put out my right hand then realized it was the wrong hand and put the left one out lol and of course said yes.  The ring is absolutely beautiful and made by his cousin.  I couldn't be happier to be engaged to the love of my life :)

Getting Up To Date

Whelp it's been awhile yet again.  I have totally failed on blogging this year which is very sad :(  But when you have a long distance relationship, 18 credit hours, working 15-17 hours a week, plus all the homework that doesn't leave you with much time and when you do have time you use it to sleep or just relax!  Maybe one of these days i'll put more time in this blog again!  Maybe :)
But since I'm actually blogging I probably should update you on all the great things that have happened since I blogged last (back in MAY, CRAZY!).


Had a little stay vacation at a local state park with my mom, brothers and Andrew.  We got to go swimming, mini golfing, play tennis, go on walks and enjoy time together!

I also went on a couple roadtrips with Andrew.  We went to a nascar race, a baseball game, to Steak N Shake/an Royal vs Twins baseball game, College World Series baseball game, Fourth of July, the Iowa State Fair and plus a couple concerts!  And after driving a van for 5 months I finally got a new car!  And helped move my dad into my grandma's.

It was a very fun and busy summer!  I also worked a lot!

Fall 2015 

This fall I have lived at my aunts and commuted to school everyday about 25 minutes or so.  I also started at a new daycare close to my aunts so have been working 15-17 hours a week.  My weeks have been spent in classes, working and doing homework and weekend spent with my boy!

And yesterday we went to the Iowa vs Nebraska game and froze! lol

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