Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Update

Well hello there blog of mine!! :)
Sorry I haven't been too good with blogging, I always feel bad and mad at myself when I don't blog but life's a busy!!

Anyways I thought I would just type out a quick little update of what's been going on with me!

  • Still on winter break!  I know most people are back at school/work/college and noone can believe it, but I don't start classes til the 20th!  What can I say, i'm not complaining about it :D
  • I've worked quite a bit over break, but have had some afternoon and days off so I've always tried to enjoy those!  
  • Yesterday was my last day back to work as I was not scheduled to work today (Thursday) or Friday.  It definitely was sad to say goodbye to everyone!!  I always get so attached to the kids and coworkers when I am back, but I know i'll be back come May and that keeps me going!
  • This upcoming semester will be another busy one with 3 classes everyday (except Fridays, only one class on those days which will be nice!!) and i will also be working the same shift/room I did last semester!  And of course come February I'll start practicum in a classroom again and the busyness of homework, ect.!  It'll be another busy semester, but I have all education classes but one so I am excited for that!! :)
  • I have several plans for the weekend so I am also excited for that!!
Well that's all I got for now, hope all my readers are doing well and hopefully i'll have another post up soon! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Let's Catch Up

Well hello there! :)
This is one of those type of posts where I have a bunch of pictures that I haven't shared that I want to so i'm posting them and updating what I've been up to!

 I don't have much shame to say that our Christmas tree is still up! :)  I just love how pretty it is and really doesn't feel like it's been up long at all.  I don't know why but I just can't seem to want to take it down this year, maybe because of not having a tree up at mom's or something!  Sadly it will be going down this week! :(
 One thing that I love about dad's is the sunset view.  With those trees and pond it is just perfect, I'll miss this country view some day!!
 Add in some Christmas lights and I don't know whats more perfect <3.
Last Monday night I met my friend from High School, Ashley, for dinner.  We had Olive Garden, which was so worth the 30 minute wait!! :)  Always good to catch up with friends and though we don't see each other too often, it's always nice that we can meet up for dinner and catch up like it had been days since we last saw each other, even if it had been like 6 months in our case this time!  Thankful for high school friendships that continued after High school since I don't have many of these!!
Yup that was my New Years Eve!  I was partying it up ;) more like working on my quote jar project (post on it if you don't know what i'm talking about!) til Midnight, saying Wohoo it's midnight, and then falling fast asleep!
 Friday I had off work so that afternoon I met up with my roommate who I hadn't seen in 3 weeks and man did I miss her! :)
 We met up for cupcakes and to chat and then went and saw the movie Annie which was a really cute movie and a good time :)
 And then of course we had to take pictures with the lights!
Have I said how much I hate that double chin that keeps showing up in my pictures :/...The worst! 
It's so hard to say no to that sweet pup!
 Today was just a chill at home day and getting things done!
My pup <3.

Friday, January 2, 2015

365 Day Quote Jar

Back on Tuesday I saw an idea on one of my blogger friends, Lauren's blog, of a quote jar that you put 365 quotes in a jar and open one every day.  If you know me or have seen my Pinterest you will know that I love quotes!  So this was something that was right up my alley and I wasn't working very much that day so it was something for me to do that day....little did I know JUST HOW MUCH work it would end up being!

So on Lauren's blog (linked above) she gives a step by step instructions so if you wanted to do this go check out her blog.  But when I started I got some colored poster boards and I started writing 365 quotes and cutting them out.
And during it I would write on the back the number I was on.  After I wrote and cut out all 365 I counted them and then folded them to fit in the jar.
 I got this jar at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and just love the chalkboard on in it and that it can be used for future things!
And then I shoved them all in the jar, I really had to pack them in there but just love the way it turned out!  Adding the bow was the perfect final touch!
 And the whole idea behind this is to open a quote a day in 2015.  Open the motivation quote every morning!  Such a neat idea and I just love how it turned out and such a fun thing to start each of my days!
 A lot of work but oh so worth it and it will be fun reading the quotes everyday and hopefully help to make every day in 2015 better!!
 I didn't finish this project until half way through the day on January 1st, so I didn't start 1-1-15 with a quote (opps), but I did open one quote once I finished the project.
The first quote was "Thank Happy Thoughts"
A perfect starting quote for the 365 days and the first day of 2015!!
Hope everyone had a fun & safe new years!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well hello there 2015!!
Weren't we just in the 2000's left alone half way done with the 2010's?!?
Time flies I tell ya!

It's 2015 so it's a new year and 2014 is behind us.  That is bitter sweet for me, 2014 had some sad and hard moments and times, but also were full of amazing memories that i'm forever thankful for.  I blossomed some of my friendships, and dealt with the hardest thing I've ever faced, death.  But overall it was a pretty good year for me and I'm thankful for 2014.

But now it's 2015 and i'm excited for a new year to fill with memories.  I already know that 2015 I will be facing quite a bit of changes due to family circumstances that I still haven't talked about, but in time I will.  These things makes me a little nervous for 2015, but i'm trying to stay positive about this new year and all the exciting things that could come and happen in this new year!

I'm not setting any goals in stone for 2015, but there are some hopes and things I hope to accomplish in this new year!
  • Continue to blossom my friendships in 2015, and maybe make some new ones also :)
  • Make a scrapbook for my New Orleans trip, Graduation, & Flordia trip.
  • Use my 365 days of quotes/motivation jar (post to come on that, idea from Lauren!)
  • Blog and stay on top of blogging, this is pretty much always a goal!  I'm either great at blogging or horrible/have no time for it!
  • Continue to grow confident in who I am and whose I am (growing my faith more) 
  • Be more thankful for everything I DO have, even in hard times
  • Enjoy 2015, accomplish things I want to accomplish, grow as a person more, and make memories!!

A lot of what happened in 2014, the good and the bad, I didn't expect to happen and so I know 2015 will be the same!  So here's to 2015!  I hope everyone's new year is full of joy, happiness, and just a great year! :)

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