Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well hello there 2015!!
Weren't we just in the 2000's left alone half way done with the 2010's?!?
Time flies I tell ya!

It's 2015 so it's a new year and 2014 is behind us.  That is bitter sweet for me, 2014 had some sad and hard moments and times, but also were full of amazing memories that i'm forever thankful for.  I blossomed some of my friendships, and dealt with the hardest thing I've ever faced, death.  But overall it was a pretty good year for me and I'm thankful for 2014.

But now it's 2015 and i'm excited for a new year to fill with memories.  I already know that 2015 I will be facing quite a bit of changes due to family circumstances that I still haven't talked about, but in time I will.  These things makes me a little nervous for 2015, but i'm trying to stay positive about this new year and all the exciting things that could come and happen in this new year!

I'm not setting any goals in stone for 2015, but there are some hopes and things I hope to accomplish in this new year!
  • Continue to blossom my friendships in 2015, and maybe make some new ones also :)
  • Make a scrapbook for my New Orleans trip, Graduation, & Flordia trip.
  • Use my 365 days of quotes/motivation jar (post to come on that, idea from Lauren!)
  • Blog and stay on top of blogging, this is pretty much always a goal!  I'm either great at blogging or horrible/have no time for it!
  • Continue to grow confident in who I am and whose I am (growing my faith more) 
  • Be more thankful for everything I DO have, even in hard times
  • Enjoy 2015, accomplish things I want to accomplish, grow as a person more, and make memories!!

A lot of what happened in 2014, the good and the bad, I didn't expect to happen and so I know 2015 will be the same!  So here's to 2015!  I hope everyone's new year is full of joy, happiness, and just a great year! :)

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