Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Update

Well hello there blog of mine!! :)
Sorry I haven't been too good with blogging, I always feel bad and mad at myself when I don't blog but life's a busy!!

Anyways I thought I would just type out a quick little update of what's been going on with me!

  • Still on winter break!  I know most people are back at school/work/college and noone can believe it, but I don't start classes til the 20th!  What can I say, i'm not complaining about it :D
  • I've worked quite a bit over break, but have had some afternoon and days off so I've always tried to enjoy those!  
  • Yesterday was my last day back to work as I was not scheduled to work today (Thursday) or Friday.  It definitely was sad to say goodbye to everyone!!  I always get so attached to the kids and coworkers when I am back, but I know i'll be back come May and that keeps me going!
  • This upcoming semester will be another busy one with 3 classes everyday (except Fridays, only one class on those days which will be nice!!) and i will also be working the same shift/room I did last semester!  And of course come February I'll start practicum in a classroom again and the busyness of homework, ect.!  It'll be another busy semester, but I have all education classes but one so I am excited for that!! :)
  • I have several plans for the weekend so I am also excited for that!!
Well that's all I got for now, hope all my readers are doing well and hopefully i'll have another post up soon! :)

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