Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm Alive


In case anyone cared:)

Man I've been slacking this semester/year on blogging!  Shall we update to know why?  Ok lets.  I apologize in advance on how long this is!!

  • Well for the most part of this year I have been without my car.  It broke down back in the end of January and because it was engine problems it wasn't worth fixing.  So i went a week of getting rides and then started practicum so since February I've been driving my dad's old chem dry van.  Not ideal at all and definitely haven't planned on driving it for this long but it gets me from point A to point B.  To add to that vehicle drama the ignition switch seems to be going out and the past week it beeps like the key is still in it so after I drive it every time I've had to unplug the battery to stop the beeping.  The joys of vehicles I tell ya!  Hopefully some century I will have a new vehicle!!!
  • I just finished my second (sophomore) year at college.  Crazy how fast college is going by, and can't wait to be done!  Half way done!!  Semester went well and I've enjoyed being in education classes
  • Next year I will be living off campus and at my aunts.  I'll have a 20 or so minute drive daily but look forward to being off campus and saving money!!
  • Back in March we moved out of my moms home.  Long story short my mom got divorced and we moved into an apartment.  We had to give our dog (Buddy) away to her ex so that was sad.  SO lot's of changes took place and keep us busy.  But glad that we are moving on and this is definitely for the best.  Big change in our life and I wanted to wait til after the changes took place to talk about them.  I don't want to give too much details, but want to know what was happening when I look back on my blog!
  • So not only was all that a big change and happening in my life, but an amazing guy also came into my life :).  Someone i've waited for for many years and never been happier :)  If you read my Relay post then you saw a couple pictures of him, but his name is Andrew and he lives a little over an hour from my town, as we met on Tinder (an app) so it's long distance and we mostly just see each other on the weekends.  SO i've been spending any free moment on the weekends going to Iowa or being with him :)  But more then worth it!  On the 18th we will be together for 4 months!!  Best months of my life and we have lot's of exciting plans planned together for the summer!!
  • This summer I have lot's planned.  A couple small road trips possibly, going to 2 concerts, spending lot's of time with my boyfriend and working.  Looking forward to a fun summer and hopefully blogging more :)  Also my dad is moving to my grandma's this summer so i'll be dealing with yet another move!  Fun times!

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