Saturday, November 28, 2015

Getting Up To Date

Whelp it's been awhile yet again.  I have totally failed on blogging this year which is very sad :(  But when you have a long distance relationship, 18 credit hours, working 15-17 hours a week, plus all the homework that doesn't leave you with much time and when you do have time you use it to sleep or just relax!  Maybe one of these days i'll put more time in this blog again!  Maybe :)
But since I'm actually blogging I probably should update you on all the great things that have happened since I blogged last (back in MAY, CRAZY!).


Had a little stay vacation at a local state park with my mom, brothers and Andrew.  We got to go swimming, mini golfing, play tennis, go on walks and enjoy time together!

I also went on a couple roadtrips with Andrew.  We went to a nascar race, a baseball game, to Steak N Shake/an Royal vs Twins baseball game, College World Series baseball game, Fourth of July, the Iowa State Fair and plus a couple concerts!  And after driving a van for 5 months I finally got a new car!  And helped move my dad into my grandma's.

It was a very fun and busy summer!  I also worked a lot!

Fall 2015 

This fall I have lived at my aunts and commuted to school everyday about 25 minutes or so.  I also started at a new daycare close to my aunts so have been working 15-17 hours a week.  My weeks have been spent in classes, working and doing homework and weekend spent with my boy!

And yesterday we went to the Iowa vs Nebraska game and froze! lol

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Stacey Schneller said...

Good to see ya back. Looks like you had a great time this summer. I hope to read more soon. Happy holidays and have a great weekend. :)

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