Friday, February 12, 2016

February Update

Hello blog!  I miss you!  I'm sitting here waiting for my last class on a Friday start (which btw Friday afternoon classes stink!) and decided I wanted to blog!

I feel like I have really failed blogging over 2015 and so far this year.  And that makes me sad because I've had this amazing guy in my life and I feel like I haven't bragged about him enough!  So here's to a life update and bragging about my guy...

 New Years Eve 2015
As you can see he makes me pretty happy! :)
For our first year together we were long distance and recently he moved to the same town as me.  I have gotten to see him everyday for atleast a couple hours and I have loved it!  It's so nice to see each other daily and just get to do normally adult things like go grocery shopping or go out to dinner or things like that!  I'm really happy where our relationship is right now!

This semester I have 6 classes once again.  On Monday, Wednesday, Friday's I have classes from 10-3 and then work 3:30 to 6.  So those days are long!  And Tuesday's I have classes from 7:30am til 1pm and work 230-6.  And Thursday's from 730am to 9:15 and then in the school from practicum from 1130-345.  Most of my classes from last semester are the same so the transition has been pretty easy!  But they definitely keep me busy!  My days are non stop between classes, work, homework and being with my guy!

In March my fiancee, brother and dad are going on a cruise so i'm super excited for that!  Spring break can't come fast enough :)

Besides that nothing is really new with me!  Hopefully I can get back to blogging as I really miss it!  I enjoy it and need to do it more!!  Anyways hope everyone has a great weekend!!  Til next time!

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