Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sweet Summertime Update

It's been a whole three months, but here I am back again!  When I last updated in February I was busy starting classes and had an upcoming cruise.  Well now it's May and almost two weeks ago now I finished up my Junior year!  I'm now a Senior, which is crazy!  Didn't I just start college?  Time goes fast!

I plan on doing a cruise blog post, but all those photos are on my old laptop from Andrew's old phone (both have been replaced since then) so I need to transfer the photos to my new computer!  Then I'll have a new post!

This summer I will be working at the daycare that I've been at since last August until this coming August when I start my student teaching in Kindergarten, which i'm super excited for!!  And of course seeing Andrew often!

I'm also definitely hoping to get a lot of wedding planning done this summer, and maybe I'll share some of that on here!  We have engagement pictures scheduled for the end of the month (May) which I'm super excited for!  Hopefully they turn out good and i'm able to share some of them!  I'm just excited to have nice pictures of us that I can post and hang up places!  As far as wedding planning goes I hope to get my wedding dress this summer, along with bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses!  We also have an engagement party in August which will be fun!  I'm mostly excited to get to make a registry!  hehe! :)

Hopefully with me having a little more time on my hands this summer I'll be able to blog more often, but don't hold your breath on this one!  Anyways, there's an update! :)

Until Next Time.....

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