Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Said YES To The Dress

Yesterday, Saturday June 11th I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, grandma, Andrew's mom, my 3 bridesmaids, and my aunt for some of the day.

We started out at David's Bridal.  I went into that first appointment not really knowing what I wanted or what would look good on me.  So really that was what I figured out at this appointment.  There was some dresses I liked, but I couldn't find anything I loved.  David's bridal just didn't seem to have exactly what I wanted...or atleast my consultant wasn't pulling exactly what I was looking for.  

Here are some pictures of me trying on random dresses!  None of these are the one I ended up getting later in the day as I can't post that anywhere since my fiancee is not aloud to see it before the big day! ;P

After David's Bridal and not much luck we all went to The Cheesecake Factory for some delicious lunch before we headed to our next dress store.

Next to went to a smaller store that has new and used dresses for lower prices.  We all went a little crazy and pulled a bunch of dresses but only 3 or 4 dresses on I found the dress I was wanting but couldn't find at David's Bridal.  I fell in love with my dress and all my friends and family loved it too.  I loved it so much that I didn't want to take it off.  It was without a question the dress.  I wish I could post it everywhere, but we can't let Andrew see it!
The cool part behind the dress I ended up saying yes to is that it came in hours before I arrived at the shop and the lady who bought it couldn't decide if she wanted it or not.  So I lucked out that the dress was there when it was and that I came into the shop at the time I did.  It was fate.

I love my dress so much and so happy to check that big purchase off my checklist!

Since it was still fairly early when I found the dress we all went and did some bridesmaid dress shopping.  The picture below is the one that we have liked the best out of all the dress we've seen, but still have some looking to do!

The camera did not do the dress color justice but we would get it in the teal color as our wedding colors are gray and teal with accents of yellow!

Can't wait for our wedding in 356 days!  Hope you all enjoy following along my wedding journey :)

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Stacey Schneller said...

I am glad that you found your dress. It's fun going dress shopping with family and friends for the big day. I felt that way when I found my dress I didn't want to take it off. It just felt right. :) Congrats on the big decision for your dress. Have a great day.

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