Friday, June 24, 2016

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Yesterday (June 23rd which happens to be 2 months from my 21st birthday lol) I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.  2 of them were half way through the gum and the other 2 were completely erupted. 

Thankfully my mom and Andrew were both able to go with me and stay with me after.  I was really nervous going into it, but honestly it wasn't too bad.  I didn't enjoy not being able to eat or drink before it (after midnight) but thankfully my appointment was at 8:30 so it wasn't as bad.  I'm glad we did an early appointment! 

All I really remember from the surgery is them prepping me by connecting a blood pressure cup, a finger monitor, monitors that stuck on my chest and stomach, and then an nose oxygen thing.  I was really worried about the IV because I don't like needles, but thankfully they distracted me by talking to me and I looked away so it only hurt for a second.  Then they put me to sleep and all i remember is them talking one second and being awake the next.  I don't even remember closing my eyes!

When I woke up I was kinda emotional (didn't even know why lol) but they got Andrew and my mom in there and I was better.  They wheel chaired me to the chair and I spend a lot of the day just chilling at my moms with mom and Andrew.  I slowly started eating (Shakes, applesauce, and yogurt) and honestly felt pretty good yesterday but kept up on medication and icing. 

Last night I slept 12 hours (must have been tired) and only real pain was having to keep my head elevated all the time to help keep the swelling down.  Today I feel pretty good still just some random pain if I move my mouth a lot.  They said today or tomorrow I could feel more pain or swelling so keeping up on meds and ice but overall feel good and hope to keep that up!

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Stacey Schneller said...

I remember the day I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I also had an early appoiment. I was 18. When I woke up I also was emotional and started crying. Not sure why. But once I saw my mom I was fine.
My birthday was yesterday I turned 29years old. One more year till the big 30. I hope you have a great weekend. And when your birthday comes I wish you a happy birthday. :)

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