Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth Of July 2016

Hope everyone had a great & safe fourth of July!!
I know I did!

Sunday morning when Andrew got off work we went to his parents in Iowa.  We made it in time to go to church and then just hanged out and relaxed at the house.  We had pizza for dinner and then we went to a family friends' house to watch fireworks that evening!
We took this picture that night and I think it's my new favorite picture of us :)

We spent most of the fourth of July in the park in town.  Andrew had to work the breakfast at the park with the ambulance that he has worked for and so I joined him later on.  We most just hung out, ate food, talked to people, and walked around.   
We also went to the parade in the afternoon and hung out at the park until about 6pm and then we went back to the house before headed back home late that evening

It was just a relaxing day with great weather :)

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