Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Busy Season

Looking at my life lately, it seems like I am in a busy season of life!  Which I suppose isn't to surprising since I am student teaching and planning a wedding!!

Back at the end of August we had an engagement party put on by Andrew's church.  We had both of our close families their along with the church family and my maid of honor.  It was a lot of fun, decorated so nicely, and we got spoiled by everyone.  It was also nice for all of our close family to get to meet and for my family to see the venue for the wedding since we live a little ways away from Andrew's side, these things hadn't happened yet!  The theme was a "tool party" so everyone was suppose to bring a tool for the garage for Andrew and a tool for me for the kitchen.  It was a fun time!  Below are some pictures from the party.
Me with one of the bridesmaid and my maid of honor (One Bridesmaid couldn't attend)

Kayleen & I
My maid of honor and best friend

Some pictures of the decorations.  The person who decorated for this also is decorating for our wedding so that makes me excited!

Me, my soon to be mother-in-law, and my fiance

My soon to be sister!  Somehow we almost went 2 years without a single picture together!  That has since changed :) 

Andrew's parents and us 

And of course me and my guy!!!

Since our engagement party I have been so busy with student teaching, classes, lesson plans, and just daily life.  The past 2 weeks I have subbed 3 1/2 days while my cooperating teacher was on vacation, had 21 parent teacher conferences (2 to go!), and a teacher plan day.  Also this past weekend we had a small bridal shower put on by Andrew's aunt!

So life has been so busy, but it's a good thing!  Feels good to update the blog and to document my crazy life lately!!

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