Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 In Review

Although I haven't been good about blogging in 2016 I still wanted to do a 2016 year in review to look back and reflect on 2016.  But I am very excited for 2017 and all that it will bring!  But that's another post :-)

January 2016
I don't have many pictures for this month but a couple exciting things happened.  Rang in the new year with Andrew!  Set wedding date and Andrew started a new job in the same town as me, along with moving here to his first apartment!  Also started my spring semester of class and me and Andrew celebrated a year of being together!!

February 2016
Not many pictures again this month.  Celebrated our second valentines together!  Andrew continued to be busy with work and training and I was with school/classes.

March 2016
My dad, brother, Andrew, and I went on a Caribbean cruise!  That was definitely the highlight of the month/year!  Besides that just the normal things that I have mentioned for January and February too.

April 2016
In April I participated in Relay For Life with my college (My third year).  I also had a movie date with Andrew and saw my best friend after way too long of not seeing each other!  I also asked her to be my maid of honor :)

May 2016
I finished up my junior year in college!  For the start of summer I started working more hours, and also started really wedding planning and doing crafts for the wedding.  An exciting thing that happened at the end of the month was we got our engagement pictures done!!

June 2016
This month wasn't much different then May, but the one exciting thing that happened is that I found a wedding dress and we started looking at bridesmaid dresses!

July 2016
Continued to work lots and prepare for the wedding.  Got to celebrate Fourth of July in Andrew's hometown!  Not many photos this month again.

August 2016
A busy month!!  At the beginning of the month my mom got married.  Spent times with one of my best friends Jenn.  Had my last day at the daycare and then started student teaching in Kindergarten!  At the end of the month Andrew's church threw us an engagement party and we got spoiled!!

September 2016
I was very busy this month with student teaching and being pulled out of the classroom for classes (just a couple weeks).  But I got to have a sister date night with my soon to be sister in law over labor day and also had a bonfire with a family friend of Andrew's family!

October 2016
Student teaching and lesson plans really picked up this month and I started full control in the classroom!  Also got to make some money and sub for my cooperating teacher a handful of days.  Andrew and I went to a Nebraska football game together, Jenn and I made save the dates, and at the end of the month Andrew's aunt threw me a Bridal Shower!

November 2016
Student teaching was keeping me pretty busy, but enjoyed a much needed thanksgiving break. Got to have Thanksgiving with Andrew's family and then go Black Friday Shopping with Andrew's mom, his brothers girlfriend, and his sister!  Also got to see Jenn and go to lunch together!

December 2016
I finished up my semester of student teaching in Kindergarten.
Celebrated Christmas with both my family and Andrew's.  Also went after Christmas clearance shopping with Andrew's mom and sister!  Enjoyed my winter break by getting some appointments in and spending time with family and friends.

Overall 2016 was a pretty decent year with some fun times!  But I am not too sad to see it go, because 2017 is going to be a year full of excitement and lot's of changes.  Tomorrow I will post a post all about my thoughts and feelings toward 2017!  Stay tuned :-)

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