Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 A Year Of Changes

The year I've been waiting for, 2017, is finally here!
I'm super excited for this year because I have a lot of fun and exciting things happening.

At the beginning of the year I will be starting my last semester in college/student teaching in third grade.  In May I will be graduating from college!  And then the next weekend my brother will graduate from high school.  And then just 2 weeks later will be my wedding :)

I will hopefully be getting a teaching job this year that would start in August.  And there's a lot of other exciting things that could happen this year!

2017 will be a good year for me and probably the best year yet!  I am super excited for it and happy this year is here!

Hope everyone has a great 2017 as well! :)  Happy 2017!!
Hoping I can atleast post more this year then last year so I can capture all the adventures and exciting times that are ahead!! 

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