Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter Break

This is me trying to be better at blogging for 2017!!

My winter break was December 23rd through January 3rd, because I student teach I don't get the normal college break but follow the local school districts break.  SO it was super short and busy, but I thought I would do a little recap of it!

The evening that break started my soon to be sister-in-law came over and stayed the night.  We eat pizza and watched a movie and hung out.  The next morning we made a Target/starbucks run and then went to Five Guys with Andrew.  We went and picked up her bridesmaid dress for the wedding, and ended the day with a trip to Hobby Lobby before she left for her 2 hour drive home!

Saturday was Christmas Eve and we had my mom's side (posts to come).  Then Christmas we had my dad's side and then drove the 3 hour drive to Andrew's aunt for their side.

Monday morning Andrew's family and us had our family Christmas!  And that afternoon Andrew's mom, sister, and I went day after Christmas clearance shopping!  So much fun!

We stayed with Andrew's family until Tuesday Morning.  Tuesday morning we made the treck home but on the way we stopped back in my hometown for my dentist appointment.  And then we went to my moms to watch my youngest brother sam for awhile while my mom went on an interview and then open presents with her.

Wednesday I got to spend time with one of my best friends, Jenn.  We went to lunch together and then she came along with me for all my errands that I needed to get done!!

Thursday I didn't do too much.  And then on Friday I went with my grandma to return boots I got for Christmas that didn't fit and also to lunch.  That afternoon I had to go back to my hometown for a doctors appointment.

Saturday I didn't do much again, and then Sunday morning we drove to Andrew's parents again to see some family friends that were in town.  We enjoyed time with his family on Sunday and Monday.  We came back last night!
(My soon to be sister and I snuck out Sunday night for a little dinner/shopping trip)

Today I met my cooperating teacher for the semester and tomorrow I will officially start!  Sad that the break is over, but it was much needed and enjoyed!!! :) 

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